Broan-NuTone Big Heat Heater

  • Overheat protection shuts off the heater and activates the caution “light if excess heat is detected”
  • Rugged steel contruction, durable finish with integrated carrying handle and rounded bumpers to protect surfaces
  • Instant, automatic safety shut-off if tipped over on its front or back
  • Overheat protection shuts off the heater and activates the “caution” light if excess heat is detected
  • Efficient, ceramic heating elements with full 1500 watts for fast warm-up, 1200 watt setting maintains warmth using less electricity
  • High, low or fan only settings with quiet operation and a 6 foot cord with safety flanged plug
Compared to the other electric space heaters we reviewed, the Broan 6201 isn’t particularly complex, but it packs a powerful heating element into a compact cube that measures about 6 inches to a side.
The small heater is built of steel and aluminum, unlike most of models we looked at. This makes it three or four times as heavy by comparison, around 32 pounds, but the durable design makes it an excellent option for small workshops and garages, where it’s unlikely to tip over. In case it does tip over, it has an automatic shut-off to make it less prone to starting a fire. The unit has a built-in thermostat you adjust by turning the dial on the side. This lets you customize the heat to your preferences. The heater has high and low settings as well as a fan-only setting for warmer times of the year. If the heater gets too hot, it turns off automatically. The unit has a one-year warranty. The fan on the Broan 6201 can be a little louder than those on other space heaters, around 66 dB, which means it might not be good for offices or bedrooms. Because this heater has a metal casing, it can get very hot and isn’t ideal if you have small children, though space heaters in general aren’t suitable around children. Although the heat output is rather impressive at 1,500 watts, this heater can’t warm large rooms.
In particular, it’s a better outdoor heater than electric models because it doesn’t need power cords or protection from moisture. The heater produces 4,000 to 9,000 Btu, which is enough to warm spaces up to 225 square feet. Because it uses small 1-pound propane tanks, this unit is quite portable and is a good option for camping and hunting trips. You can use larger propane tanks as well, but you need to buy an additional accessory. To start the heater, you only need to connect a propane tank, turn on the regulator and push it in to set off the built-in ignition. There are a number of safety features built into the Portable Buddy. Since it’s a propane gas heater, the unit comes with an oxygen depletion sensor that turns it off if the oxygen supply becomes limited. However, this model isn’t rated for indoor use unless you have plenty of ventilation. It also has sensors that turn off the unit and propane supply if the pilot light goes out or the heater tips over. It comes with a one-year warranty. Unlike electric space heaters, this one doesn’t have a thermostat, though you can adjust the regulator to fine-tune the temperature. The Portable Buddy can get hot to the touch and doesn’t turn off automatically if it overheats.